Château de Taurenne olive oil and lemon

A preparation made from a blend of olives from the estate and fresh lemons during the pressing of the olives, after the olives have been harvested.

Available in 25 cl. 

Detailed description

A Nectar with a thousand-year-old tradition used in Italian olive oil mills. In the past, it was customary to crush lemons in the last pressing in order to recover the oil from the millstones. The very fragrant oil obtained from this process was given to the millers as a reward. But today, we restore the nobility of this oil by the common crushing of fresh olives and lemons together in a perfectly balanced proportion to bring out all its subtlety! This blend of fruits produces a fruity and slightly tangy olive oil, enhanced with notes of lemon zest. A very fine scent that will enhance your savory and sweet delicate dishes! Drizzle on scallop carpaccio, tuna or salmon tartare, endive salad, or grilled and steamed vegetables. Also goes well with peach or pineapple carpaccio, strawberry salad, yogurt cakes and fruit tarts.