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La tarte tropézienne® 1955. Saint-Tropez

La Tarte Tropézienne on

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A pastry shop underneath the clock tower in Saint-Tropez

Having fallen in love with picturesque Saint-Tropez, a small Provençal village with its clock tower, its lovely little harbour and its chirping cicadas, Alexandre Micka opened a pastry shop there in 1955 on the square near the village hall. Amongst other things he sold a brioche with a cream filling inspired by a recipe of his grandmother’s, which he kept jealously secret.

The favourite dessert of a legendary film

Not far from Alexandre Micka’s pastry shop the legendary film “And God Created Woman” was being shot. During filming, the crew came to the shop often and developed a taste for the brioche with its cream filling. This is how the gorgeous Brigitte Bardot herself came to swear by the merits of only one cream brioche: that of Alexandre Micka.

“La Tarte Tropézienne” was born

The story says that Brigitte encouraged Alexandre to give his cream brioche a proper name. “La Tarte Tropézienne” was born! This is how the legend began, intricately linked with the career of Brigitte Bardot, then the international stars and artists who subsequently came, happy and carefree, to Saint-Tropez to enjoy the unpretentious, cheerful atmosphere that is like nowhere else on Earth.

Secret recipe and unparalleled expertise

In 1985, Albert Dufrêne took over management of the company from Alexandre Micka. Like his predecessor, Albert Dufrêne insisted on keeping the recipe of La Tarte Tropézienne secret and maintained the same demanding standard of quality. Every day the cream filling of La Tarte Tropézienne is made in the utmost discretion. Unique expertise is required to make the delicate mixture of two different types of cream. Today, La Tarte Tropézienne is one of the symbols of the Saint-Tropez lifestyle. Enjoying one amongst friends is like a ritual that true lovers of Saint-Tropez cannot shirk.

Our boutique outlets are located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, as well as in Paris! You will always find the genuine Tarte Tropézienne and our special desserts on sale.

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La Tarte Tropézienne loves French and especially Provençal cuisine, and we welcome guests at our table. You can’t help but adore this beautiful setting. As you enjoy your meal overlooking Ramatuelle beach and the sea, the charm and the feel of the peninsula is all around.

Do you like simple, Provençale food prepared from market-fresh produce? La Tarte Tropézienne welcomes you to a restaurant in the very middle of Saint-Tropez, overlooking Place des Lices.