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La Tarte Tropézienne has prepared the content of this site with care and technicality (hereinafter the "Content"). However, La Tarte Tropézienne does not expressly or tacitly guarantee the nature or the accuracy of the information contained on this site and will in no way be held responsible for any loss that may be due to the use of this site. This limitation of responsibility does not exclude the responsibilities to which La Tarte Tropézienne is obliged by the laws and regulations in force. La Tarte Tropézienne is a registered trademark. Consequently, it is not possible to use or distribute in any way whatsoever, the La Tarte Tropézienne brand and logo without express authorization from La Tarte Tropézienne. The internet user must respect trademark law in all circumstances, even when he is not connected.


La Tarte Tropézienne can in no way be held responsible in any way for the content transmitted by the Internet user through our site. If via the La Tarte Tropé site, the internet user transmits information about images, texts, videos, photographs, messages, software, sound or any content whatsoever and that this content is made known to the public; it remains as a whole under the full responsibility of said internet user. Regarding the Content of La Tarte Tropé, the company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, (without this constituting an obligation) to refuse or move any content available via the Service. In addition, La Tarte Tropézienne, or any person or entity designated by this company, will be entitled to delete or remove any content that would violate the terms hereof or that would be reprehensible in any other way. The internet user also recognizes that he must exercise discernment, and bear all the risks relating to the use he makes of the content and in particular when the internet user trusts the opportunity, usefulness or completeness of this Content. Consequently, the user acknowledges that he cannot trust the content submitted to La Tarte Tropé available in all parts of the site. In addition, the internet user must agree not to behave as a "pirate" or "hacker", that is to disrupt the Content and use of the site so as to transmit a message while benefiting from the notoriety of The Tarte Tropézienne.


The internet user expressly acknowledges and accepts that:
1- It is with full knowledge of the facts and at the risk and peril of the internet user that the La Tarte Tropézienne site is used, which offers accessible content "in status "according to the quality of the internet network. La Tarte Tropézienne does not provide any express or implicit guarantee concerning the quality and compatibility of the site for the specific uses of the Internet user.
2- In no way La Tarte Tropézienne is unable to provide the guarantee to the internet user that the site will exactly meet their expectations or that no error will appear during the use of the services on the site or when consulting the pages as a whole providing content.
3- La Tarte Tropézienne does not guarantee that the results, information and services obtained will be free from any error or defect.
4- Advice and information, whether written or oral, obtained by the Internet user during the use of the La Tarte Tropé site is not liable to create guarantees not expressly provided for by law.

Limitation of Guarantees of La Tarte Tropé

The Tarte Tropé is also dependent on the quality of the Internet. Consequently, La Tarte Tropézienne does not guarantee the reliability of the Service and does not ensure the correction of defects found on the Internet.


The service may provide links to other websites or other Internet sources. Insofar as it cannot control these external sites and sources, La Tarte Tropézienne informs the Internet user that it cannot be held responsible for the provision of these external sites and sources, and cannot bear any responsibility for content, advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or from these external sites or sources. La Tarte Tropézienne also informs the user that it cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss, proven or alleged, consecutive or in relation to the use or the fact of having trusted the content, goods or services. available on these sites or external sources.

Modification of the Site

At any time La Tarte Tropézienne has the right to modify to temporarily or definitively interrupt its site in whole or in part without having to inform the Internet user in advance; knowing that his responsibility can not be engaged in any way whatsoever and by anyone.

Respect for privacy and personal data

The information collected within the framework of the subscription to the newsletter, to the winning shopping program, to a competition or to a promotional operation is the subject of a computer processing intended for the constitution of file of customers and prospects for sending of 'commercial information, and for analysis and statistics. This computer processing has been declared to the CNIL and has been registered under the number 1289616 In accordance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify and rectification and deletion of data concerning you.
If you wish to exercise this right and obtain communication of information concerning you, please contact La Tarte Tropézienne, 420 avenue des Narcisses, 83310 Cogolin.
You can also , object to the processing of data concerning you. We will delete all information about you from our database.

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La Tarte Tropézienne may have to use the "cookies" system. The cookie does not allow us to identify you, but generally to collect information when you visit our site. This will allow us to know which parts of our site interest you. La Tarte Tropézienne will then be able to better understand your areas of interest and provide you with information adapted to your needs. These "cookies" will also prevent you from having to provide information that you have already communicated to us each time since they will remember that you communicated this information to us at an earlier date. You can detect the existence of these "cookies" and, if necessary, delete them. You can oppose the registration of cookies by disabling this function of your browser in your preferences.

Network security and confidentiality

Messages you send to us over the Internet may be intercepted on the network. Until they reach us, their confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Be sure not to disclose unnecessary or sensitive personal or confidential information from third parties. In addition, the indication of the origin of the electronic messages that we receive may be falsified. Consequently, if you wish to communicate such information to us, you must use the postal service. Consequently, no complaint, declaration or request for advice transmitted by Internet message will be taken into account. Please make your requests by post only. For more information on the procedures to follow or on files under investigation, please contact La Tarte Tropézienne in writing. Reproduction of all documents published on the site is only authorized for the exclusive purpose of information for personal and private use. Any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited. All the brands mentioned in this site belong to their respective companies. All the products, logos, and images cited in the pages of this site are the property of their respective brands.

Overall score of the Gender Equality Index

"The index of professional equality between women and men is 84 points out of 100 points"

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