Privacy & cookies policy


Anxious to serve you and to share transparency, La Tarte Tropézienne publishes its confidentiality policy to inform you of the use that is made of your data in a transparent manner. This statement informs you about our practices and the choices you can make regarding the information we hold.


La Tarte Tropézienne is responsible for the personal data that you communicate to us. In accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data,
La Tarte Tropézienne is qualified as "responsible for the processing of data".
We process personal data in accordance with the law, with complete transparency and fairness to you. This information is processed to ensure both an evolution and a personalization in the offer that we offer to you, to ensure that it complies with the laws in force and to fulfill our obligations to your expectations.
We provide you with access to the data that we collect via the menu "my account" which allows you to consult or modify the data that we have. Your data is neither given nor sold to third parties and remains your property.
If the information is collected for both the use of La Tarte Tropézienne and another brand / entity in partnership, legal notices will be present to obtain your right to this bipartite use.


1- For transactional purposes
As part of your online order, information relating to you, products, delivery, your residence and your payments are collected to ensure optimal follow-up of the transaction and customer service.
2- For marketing purposes
Anxious to match our communications to your expectations, we can use your data to refine targeting and retargeting on our site and our product offers in terms of advertising. We can also use this data to be able to send you an email (if you have agreed to receive it) on an uncompleted filled basket, a purchase reminder, to inform you of the availability of a product. Finally, we can process this data to push marketing for profiling purposes and to be able to associate a behavior with a clustering of individuals, leading to a development of advertising, marketing or specific product.
3- For statistical purposes
Always a goal to improve our service and our offer, we can draw up internal statistical studies on the rate of consumption of our site, our products, delivery methods ...

4- For customer service purposes
Ensure the best follow-up of your current file regarding a question relating to our site and / or our products. Also be able to answer your questions in case of solicitation on the site, our products or an order placed.
5- For security purposes
A password request can be made and allows you to verify your identity. This identity request can also be made by contacting customer service to ensure the personalization of the relationship.
6- For legal purposes
To ensure the historization of the relationship and of the activities which follow the regulations in force, court orders, or even police orders.


Contact information :
- We may collect your personal and / or professional contact details, in particular your name, first name, postal address, telephone number, email address and other similar contact details.
Data for subscription to newsletters and commercial communications - This data may include: email address, surname, first name, civil status.
Account data & purchase data:
- We collect as much as possible (depending on the degree of completion of the account creation form and the order history): last name, first name, gender, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, password pass, region, order information: order dates, number of orders, name of products purchased, amount of products purchased, promotion or not for obtaining the product.

Location and demographic data:
- We may collect geolocation data if you activate services based on geolocation or if you choose to provide information related to your location during the registration of a product. Similarly, if you order by choosing click & collect, data about your favorite store as well as your address will be collected. In general, the country, region, address, gender, age will be collected.
Site navigation data:

- We can collect browsing histories by "cookies". For more information on the cookie privacy policy of your browser used, you can refer to the section dealing with this subject in your browser. Your settings will define the data that we can collect and therefore use for marketing and targeting purposes.
The data collected are: data relating to your use of our website, connection data, pages viewed, videos viewed, products you have searched for, products you have viewed or added to your basket, duration of your visit, IP address , browser type, type of device used. Data relating to questions asked in the context of a customer service call:
- whether it is shop customer service or e-commerce customer service, the types of questions and questions asked are collected. Security data:
- We collect identifiers, passwords, as well as similar security information necessary for authentication and access to accounts.

Social media data:
- Our site may contain options for accessing social sites allowing you to share information with your social networks or to interact with us on various social sites. Depending on their nature, the use of these functions can lead to the collection and sharing of data concerning you. We encourage you to check the privacy policies and settings of the social sites you visit in order to know the type of data collected, used and shared on these sites. Data automation: Third parties can operate, on the payment part of the site, an automatic study of the shared data to verify and protect against fraud and identity theft. Therefore, if fraud is detected by the payment tool then the order can be slowed down by manual processing or even canceled.


We do not give, sell or rent our bases to any organization or third party. The data shared on the site remains in the La Tarte Tropézienne ecosystem on the site and / or in stores. Store sales advisers and customer service can consult it, but in no case give it.
Your data may be processed on our behalf by a third party:
Third parties who assist us and help us provide digital and e-commerce services, such as listening to social networks (monitoring activity on social networks), store location, identity management, web analytics (audience analysis) and search engines, user-generated content creation tools.
Social media agencies to help us carry out advertising, marketing and commercial campaigns and analyze their effectiveness.
Third parties we need to supply and deliver a product to you, for example for postal / delivery services.
Third parties that assist and assist us in providing IT services, such as platform providers, hosting services, maintenance and technical support services for our databases and for our software and applications that may contain data concerning you (these services may sometimes require access to your data in order to perform the requested tasks).
Payment service providers and credit bureaus for the purpose of assessing your creditworthiness and verifying your information when required to enter into a contract with you.


The data we collect is stored in the European Union. We go through providers for the hosting of our site whose servers are all located in France, as well as for the reporting of data called "database".
We put in place the necessary controls to ensure the presence of these third parties on European territory. However, we could not be held responsible for information fraud on their part or hacking that they would suffer.
Refer to the section below on cookies for more information.


If you buy products and services or contact us as part of a request, we keep your personal data for the duration of our contractual relationship.
If you create an account, we keep your personal data until you ask us to delete them or after a period of inactivity (no active interaction with the brand) defined in accordance with the regulations and instructions at the local level.
If you have consented to receive marketing prospecting messages, we keep your personal data until you unsubscribe or until you ask us to delete them or after a period inactivity (no active interaction with the brand) defined in accordance with local regulations and instructions.
If cookies are placed on your computer, we keep your data for any period defined in accordance with local regulations and instructions.
If no marketing and / or transactional activity is observed over a period of 36 months, we undertake to make your information anonymous and therefore not traceable to a person, or even delete it completely from our database.
In accordance with the law, you have a right of information, access, rectification as well as a right of erasure / right to be forgotten. Likewise, you can object to commercial prospecting and withdraw your consent at any time for data processing based on consent. For this you can contact us via the page: or by email:
Finally, you can deactivate cookies by going to your browser settings. For more information, you can consult the page:
In order to be able to identify you, you may be asked for proof of identity to change all the types of data stipulated above.



A cookie is a text file placed on the device that you use to access the Internet (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a site using your browser software.
We place a unique identifier in the cookie and use the cookie to link your computer to the information we store in our database.
It contains several data allowing you to be recognized: - the name of the server which deposited it; - an identifier in the form of a unique number; - possibly an expiration date.

Cookies can be used on your computer or mobile device for different durations. Some cookies are "session cookies", which means that they only exist when your browser is open and are automatically deleted when you close your browser or exit the application. Other cookies are "permanent cookies", implying that they survive after the closing of your browser or your application and can be used by websites and applications to recognize your computer when, later, you re-open your browser or application. Some cookies that we use are permanent cookies. When your consent is required for their use, the period of validity of consent to the deposit of Cookies varies from 2 days to 2 years. At the end of this period, we will again ask for your consent.


When you first visit our Site, an information banner will appear at the bottom of the page. By continuing to browse the Site or after clicking on "I accept",
you agree that La Tarte Tropézienne may place cookies on your computer or device (cookies linked to operations relating to targeted advertising, certain cookies from audience measurement, social network cookies generated in particular by their sharing buttons when they collect personal data).
The banner will remain displayed until you validate and accept it. You can modify your internet browser settings at any time in order to accept, configure or, on the contrary, refuse cookies.
Several options are available to you: accept all cookies, be notified when a cookie is saved, or systematically refuse all cookies. Each internet browser offers different configuration methods for managing cookies. In general, they are described in the help menu of each browser.
However, if you decide to refuse session or functionality cookies, you will not be able to access many of the options offered by the Site. As such, La Tarte Tropézienne cannot be held responsible in the event of degraded functioning of the Site linked to the settings you have chosen. Finally, if you have disabled one or more cookies, we can always use the information collected by these cookies before they are disabled. However, we stop collecting data through the refused cookie.


Google Analytics 3 cookies - from 10 minutes to 2 years Google Analytics cookie used to measure the audience of the site
Prestashop (mandatory) Session cookies + permanent Retains information relating to the user's session on all pages of the site, as well as all information relating to his order in order to be able to process it, send it and treat after-sales service.